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Hello there!

This is Claudia Cáceres.

An actor from everywhere and nowhere. Born in Japan, Claudia has moved over 10 times to various states and countries. She grew up with a taste for adventure and a love of learning. The question "where are you from" has always been a tricky one to answer.

The state of Michigan captured her heart. No really! Being in MI was the longest Claudia had ever stayed in one place to attend Michigan State University. Claudia graduated MSU with degrees in Writing, Film Production, and Theatre.

When Claudia isn't doing one of the three listed above you can find her tutoring in reading and writing. She adores children and is honored to be apart of aiding in their literary growth.


Her hobbies include (but are not limited to) sketching, painting, antiquing, reading (esp. mythology and gothic literature), and admiring animation. Claudia adores animation*.

*Animation is not a genre, it is a way to tell a story.

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